Using Instagram for Your Business

Businesses these days are starting to recognize the significance of social media. With so many users poring over social media sites every hour, it’s a resource that can help businesses grow significantly. Many businesses have started to break into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but Instagram is still remaining an untapped resource, primarly because many businesses don’t properly recognize how to utilize it. Are you marketing executive who’s not quite sure how to integrate Instagram into your strategy? Lucky for you, we have a couple tricks up our sleeves:


  • Post pictures of your bottom line. Instagram users will need to know what your company is all about if you expect them to gain an interest in it. Sometimes catching users’ attention with an unrelated topic and then redirecting them to your product can be effective, but on Instagram, it’s more likely to frustrate users. Make it clear what your Instagram account is for with a tagline in your profile. Instagram profiles allow you to write a few quick lines about yourself—use this to briefly explain your company. For example: “Innovative design company with the coolest graphic tees around”.
  • Buy instagram followers so that you can have more presence worldwide.
    Stay tuned for more tips on Instagram and your business!

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